The Amedeka Archaeological Project (AAP)

Year: 2017-Present

The Amedeka Archaeological Project (AAP) led by Dr. Dela Kuma and Professor Kodzo Gavua is a long-term ethnoarchaeological and community-centered collaborative project based in Amedeka-Akuse, southeastern Ghana.

Over the past decade, the AAP has trained graduate, undergraduate, elementary, and high school students in Amedeka-Akuse in sustainable archaeological field methods and techniques and community conservation practices with the end goal of achieving community empowerment. 
In 2017, Dr. Kuma took on the role of the Principal Investigator of AAP. Since then, we’ve partnered with the Leventis Laboratory in the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies at the University of Ghana, local people, elders, and educators in Amedeka and neighboring communities to understand how local people experienced global socioeconomic development from the Atlantic era to the post-colonial era in Ghana.